Who we are.

At Ascent XR, we deliver immersive VR experiences that change the way people communicate, learn, and grow.

We believe virtual reality can transform just about every industry for the better. And we’re here to help build that bolder, brighter future. We develop virtual reality applications for the real world. This immersive technology will transform the way we train and educate.

The work we do at Ascent XR goes beyond watching videos on a screen—it’s about interacting with the content on an emotional level. Virtual reality has been proven to increase the speed of learning, reduce training costs, improve short- and long-term retention. and spark strong feelings of empathy. No matter what your goals might be, developing a virtual reality experience can lead to great engagement. That’s where we excel.

What we do.

We make it easy to adopt the latest technology. Organizations come to us for better storytelling, better training, better education, and better overall engagement. With virtual reality, innovative ideas can be explored in unlimited ways. Let our team show you how.

Roche Diagnostics
Ivy Tech
WFYI Indianapolis
Stanley Security
Pyatt Builders
The Exhibit House
Towne Post Network
Un Communcations

 Let’s Connect!!

The best way to really see what we are capable of is to schedule a live demo. Let us know when you want a glimpse at the future.