Our Team

With over 25 years of experience in emerging technologies, we have some incredible talent ready to create the next cutting edge immersive solutions and experiences for you.

Jim Bisesi

XR Specialist
CEO / Founder

Ascent XR was created in 2017 to help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way—with virtual storytelling. I’ve always been searching for innovative ways to tell stories and engage learning, which is why I first chose to study film and television.

For years, I worked as a producer, director, cameraman, and editor. I even spent some time as a professional photographer. Then, when computers got fast enough to handle video, I started to develop applications for interactive multimedia.

One of those first projects I did was for a company in Los Angeles. They wanted to create virtual tours of timeshares for their off-site sales. We used immersive 360-degree images to showcase the properties in Hawaii so people could quickly fall in love with the space. Even thousands of miles away, their buyers would want to close the deal because the virtual tour let them see everything they wanted. These presentations were called photo bubbles.

Later on, I continued honing my skills at a major television station, where I created interactive website games and promotions. These projects ended up generating over $400,000 in revenue for the station. This was especially impressive because the work was the first of its kind. Once we saw the results, the company quickly rolled out the developments to their other 38 stations.

All of this eventually brought me to a position at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. We wanted to incorporate technology into our new exhibits, and so I led a team to build websites, games, and virtual tours. As with my other roles, there was always something new to try, so I enjoyed being able to push the envelope.

Now, I’m leading our growing team at Ascent XR. Our applications for augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality are emotionally transporting users to new places and sparking new ideas. Let’s see how Ascent XR can help you with your next project!